Alternative Ways to Reach Out to Your Employees as HR Manager

Alternative Ways to Reach Out to Your Employees as HR Manager in this COVID-19 era is an article that is aimed at suggesting possible ways through which Human Resource Managers can reach out to their employees. COVID-19 has really posed a lot of impact and intense pressure on companies (both private and public).

During the COVID-19 period, some if not all companies have revisited their operational and organizational strategies, restructuring, and have put in place some new regulations and training. It is no longer news that the global pandemic’s effect on some local, national and international markets has experienced a changing workforce. This changing workforce is in a way nobody has ever imagined.

The employees of some of these companies have witnessed a tremendous shift in their mental health during this COVID-19 period which has caused about a 99% increase in the number of individuals who call the hotline for mental help. Well, the health experts are also not left behind on this one. You call them for help, who do they call for help?

As a Human Resource Manager, your responsibility is not just to develop strategies in alignment with the company’s overall business strategy, it also involves an employee/management relationship. As it is that some guiding measures are put in place, it is also very important that you know the Alternative Ways to Reach Out to Your Employees as HR Manager.

Open Questioning

As HR Managers, it is very important you always reach out to your employees. Asking a simple question like “How are you?”, would bring a response “I am very well” or “Not quite well”. Be that as it may, neither of these responses clearly states the mind of your employee. Hence, needless asking, but then, no one will fold a hand and knock you on the head if you attempt asking further questions. Therefore, quite asking the closed questions and focus on a more open question. By this, I mean questions that will give them the opportunity of self-expression, by so doing, you will have a clearer picture of their state of mind.

State a Concern and Follow it

Hmm, this looks strange kind of, but it can go a long way if done in a proper way. Now consider this scenario: Your employees show up at work looking all cloudy, they always say “Hi” to you, hang around and have a chip chat with you before dashing out for the day’s duty but not today. If they are worried or look worried, they will not be pleased to work, just as a child would go to the parent looking sad whenever they want to make a request. It is your duty as their Human Resource Manager to approach them, they are not strangers, neither are you.

In most cases, your employee might have had a bad weekend or has something in mind to share, reach out. They might want to tell you their personal hurt, but the truth is, if it is personal, they owe you no explanations.

Offer Them a Cup of Coffee

It must not be a coffee, but either way, get them something, make them smile. It is our nature as humans to work ourselves up and steer up our emotions. The more the thought of them, the more the feeling. If you notice this, a show of small compassion is welcomed, of course you know it takes nothing from you. This act will make you gain a level of trust and confidence in your employee. If you offer a cup of coffee to your employee, it will make the employee focus on your act of compassion and will purge out slowly the negative thoughts your employee had.

If your site if far away from that your employer, well, that should not be an excuse, there are a lot of waybill services around, with this, you can still give whatever you want to give to your employees wherever they are.

These are a few alternative ways to reach out to your employees as HR Manager. As an HR Manager, now is the time you have to step up and be on the lookout to your employees.