Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing CV

Common mistakes to avoid when writing CV is an article that is aimed at stating explicitly those things that should not be included while writing a CV. Writing a good quality CV that will make the employer have a second and third reading is almost impossible except you seak the service of an expert writer.

As we know, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a piece of document that briefly states your past and existing skills, proficiency and experiences that is aimed at relating to your employer a few required skills you possess, hence, we have put together a few common mistakes to avoid when writing CV.


A Cliché is seen as an expression that is used outside its context making that expression lost its original impact and meaning. The most common Clichés used by most CV writers includes but not limited to phrases like “can-do-attitude” and “team player”. If you use some of these phrases without explaining them with corresponding examples, it will add no value to your CV and hence may turn your reader off. Do away with using cliches and try as much as possible to state the specific key skills and back them up with valid examples to enhance your CV’s credibility.

Avoid LONG CVs

Your CV should pass the thirty-seconds test, that is, your CV should not be too long, instead, it should be short and meaningful. If the employer is not convinced after two pages, then they may not be persuaded in the next five. Make it short and straight to point. A long written CV can turn off your employers especially when you do not have rich content.

Incorrect Formatting

Poorly formatted CV will end adding no value to the CV but rather, reduces the chances of being contacted for an interview. Except you are applying for the role of a graphics designer, your CV should not be an artwork. A more attractive font, such as Arial or Times New Roman on a plain design is ok. Ensure it is readable on-screen and is saved in as a recognised file format such as Word doc or PDF which can be opened as an email attachment.

Avoid Inaccurate Information

If your CV captures wrong information like dates, incorrect personal details, it is worthy of note that you may not even have one-on-one contact with your potential employer as it will be impossible to contact you because of the wrong details you provided on the CV. However, it is advisable that you specify correct details on your CV to avoid misinformation.

Mistakes In Spelling and Grammatical Error

Not paying attention to details can outweigh your almost perfect CV. In most cases, spell-check does not always spot errors and is sometimes unable to detect usage of incorrect words, such as ‘diary’ being mistakenly spelt as ‘dairy’, so it is always advisable you put your eye to work by ensuring you look through your writing to find any last typos for you and check for grammatical misrepresentations.

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