Five Highest Currencies In The World 2020

Five highest currencies in the world 2020 compared with the Nigerian Naira. Currency can be referred to as any form of money used as a medium of exchange for goods and services in a particular country which could come in the form of a coin (hard money) or paper (soft money).

There are about 180 recognized currencies which are used by about 195 countries across the globe. The most popular currencies in the world are the US Dollar, the Euro, and the British Pounds, but how valuable are these currencies?

Today, we are going to have to look at the five highest currencies in the world 2020 and their value compared to the Nigerian Naira, starting from the highest.

1) Kuwait Dinar (1 KWD = 1,239.79 Nigerian Naira)

1 Kuwaiti Dinar banknote (6th Issue) - Exchange yours for cash today

Kuwait is a small nation on the Gulf of Persia, located between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) is the national currency of the State of Kuwait and is currently the most valuable currency in the world. Although the currency fluctuates in a relatively small range, it still maintains its value and is pegged to an undisclosed basket of currencies. One (1) Kuwait Dinar is equivalent to one thousand two hundred and thirty-nine naira seventy-nine kobo (1,239.79 Naira).

2) Bahraini Dinar (1 BHD = 1,006.87 Nigerian Naira)

Definition of Bahraini Dinar BHD | Ra2D

Bahrain is an island nation in the Gulf of Arab which is said to be very close to Saudi Arabia. The BHD is the symbol for the Bahraini dinar, which is the official currency for Bahrain. The BHD currency has denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 dinar and coins at 1, 5, 10, 20 fuloos, which are managed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The Bahraini dinar is the second-highest currency in the world and it is valued at one thousand and six naira eighty-seven kobo (1006.87 Naira) per BHD.

3) Omani Rial (1 OMR = 985.69 Nigerian Naira)

Omani rial - Wikiwand

Oman is a country located in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula which is heavily dependent on oil exports and is trying to diversify its economy. The Omani rial uses currency code OMR and is the currency of the Sultanate of Oman. The exchange rate of Oman OMR to Naira is Nine hundred and five naira sixty-nine kobo (985.69 Naira) per OMR

4) Jordanian Dinar (1 JOD = 535.27 Nigerian Naira)

Jordanian dinar

The Jordanian Dinar (JOD) is the currency for the Kingdom of Jordan. The nation’s currency has denominations up to 50 dinars and is ranked the fourth highest currency in terms of value. One JOD is equivalent to five hundred and thirty-five naira twenty-five kobo (535.27 Naira).

5) British Pound (1 GBP = 496.18 Nigerian Naira)

Bank of England £1 note - Wikipedia

The British Pound is one of the oldest and popular currencies in the world and is often used in international trade operations. It actively circulates in the UK and Northern Ireland. One British Pound is currently equivalent to four hundred and ninety-six naira eighteen kobo (496.18 Nigerian Naira), making Great Britain Pounds the fifth-highest currency in the world.